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Creating Safe and Inclusive Spaces for LGBTQI Students in BPS, K-12 Awarded Grant

Teacher: Danielle Murray
School: Office of Equity

The Challenge:
Recent studies have shown that affirming transgender people just through the use of names and pronouns has a profound impact on reducing their risks for suicidal ideation and drug risks. This is such a simple thing that we can do, but when we are balancing issues of confidentiality, intersectional identities, and community challenges, this simple step can be fraught with complications. The need for supportive and proactive professional development is essential to ensure the safety of our students and communities.

What did your team do about it?:
We developed transition support teams and trained other educators to complete them for their area of the city. We also worked to create a position for LGBTQ support for the District, and to outreach and hire a candidate for the role.

We trained teachers, guidance counselors, and school leaders on supporting LGBTQ students. We also worked with parents and families.

Impact on Students:
Students were able to feel supported and affirmed in their school communities. Teachers and school leaders were connected to resources and trainings that facilitated their work to create a safe and inclusive school. Parents were connected to communities who are raising children with love and support.

Teacher Leadership and School Community:
We developed a team of professionals who work together to surface issues of equity for LGBTQ students. Together we pooled resources and provided support to individuals and schools.

What’s Next?
The Office of Equity welcomes a full time LGBTQ Liaison, and we look forward to partnering as we organize a Summit and continue to think about the ways in which we can look at identity through an intersectional lens so we provide safe, culturally responsive and affirming educational supports for all.

Helping Others:
We have a website ( and we are always happy to connect!